Small Intimate classes

Pole dance thrives in small class settings where individual attention and tailored instruction elevate the learning experience. In our intimate groups, students benefit from personalized feedback, fostering technique refinement and confidence building. Small classes not only ensure safety and proper form but also cultivate a sense of community, enhancing the overall enjoyment and effectiveness of the pole dancing journey.



Meet Lauren, a seasoned pole dance instructor with over 12 years of expertise. Passionate about empowering her students, she brings a wealth of experience and skill to every class. Join Lauren on a journey of strength, grace, and self-discovery as she guides you through the art of pole dancing like no other



Anastasia had the privilege of teaching Pole for over 10 years specializing in Pole Fitness, Stretching, and Pole Art.

Teaching is not just a job for me, it became a deep connection to something what is valuable for me. One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching has been witnessing my students evolve into skilled trainers and performers.



Meet Dani, your dynamic pole dance instructor with 8 years of pole dancing experience, Dani brings a unique blend of skill and creativity to every class. Join her on a journey of fluidity, strength, and self-expression as she shares her passion for the art of pole dance.




Olive has been training pole for many years now and it is absolutely her passion in life. For Olive, pole is a form of self-expression as well as self-love. Olive loves that pole dancing allows for the exploration of movement and flow, whilst the fitness aspect allows for the appreciation of body, for its strength, stamina and flexibility. Come do classes with Olive on Saturdays!



Elizabeth has been teaching pole for 6 years and loves the opportunity and challenge of instructing students of various abilities and experience. She is a qualified personal trainer and can guide you through your wider fitness and flexibility journey.




New Instructors


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About Ada Pole Studios

Ada Pole Studios is a boutique pole dance and fitness studio located in Hawthorn East. Named after Ada Lovelace, a pioneer of computing science and feminist icon, Ada Pole Studios aims to help you fall in love with the feeling of freedom and empowerment through fitness and dance. We offer a range of fun and inclusive classes to develop your pole dance skills, build confidence, improve your fitness, and most importantly an opportunity to join our fun and engaging community!

Our Location

We are located at 1/667 Burwood Road Hawthorn East 3123, 100m away from Auburn Station and within walking distance from Swinburne University. 


There is street parking available and parking behind the building off Montrose St available after business hours.