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Pole Skills Classes

Pole Skills classes you will develop strength, stamina and confidence through learning skills with a focus on technique and the foundations of pole. We offer Pole Skills Classes for Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Advanced Pole levels. 

Pole Dance Classes

Pole Dance classes you will develop the foundational skills required to build strength, fluidity, coordination and confidence with choreography designed to combine pole tricks and artistry appropriate to your level. 


Flexibility & Stretch

Flexibility & Stretch Classes are for people interested in developing and improving their flexibility! These classes will facilitate improving the flexibility and technique required to master skills and dance for all levels of Pole, though will also assist in improving everyday levels of flexibility for dance, balance, mobility, and fitness. 

Open Training

Unsupervised open training allows for you to have access to the main studio with mirrors, lighting and speaker access for up to one hour to practice your pole dances and routines, pole tricks, and to film yourself living your best pole life! We also offer unsupervised open training in the studio hall. 


Our Timetable


Intro offer for new students!


3 Classes for only $45!!

This intro offer is perfect for those completely new to pole dancing, those looking to get back into an old hobby, and for everyone in between! Grab your intro offer today and be able to attend any 3 classes for a bargain of only $15 per class!

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Casual Pricing & Class Bundles

Casual classes and class bundles are the perfect option for if you have already used your intro offer of 3 classes for $45 but not yet ready to make the commitment for the full term pricing. See reception, contact the studio, or visit our Mindbody page for updated class pricing and timetable!