Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I wear to my pole class?

You can wear pole attire or regular fitness attire to your pole classes. We recommend wearing shorts for skills classes and bringing knee pads or leggings to pole dance classes. You can wear runners, socks, bare feet, or heels to our classes. Talk to your instructor for further advice!


2. Can men attend classes?

Yes! We are an all genders inclusive studio. 


3. Do you have to be a specific age to attend classes?

We are an 18+ pole studio. 


4. How can I book classes?

You can book our pole fitness classes via the mindbody website or app. Contact the studio if you need further assistance booking classes!


5. How long does a term go for, and can I start my pole journey midway through a term?

Our terms are 8 weeks in duration and yes you can start your pole journey at anytime during the term! Our classes, particularly at the beginner level, are structured so that new students can attend at any time during the term and be able to keep up and follow along with the class. 


6. What pricing options are available?

Our classes start at as little as $15 a class for our introductory offers. We then offer casual classes as single classes and bundles of 3 and 10. Our best value pricing options include our memberships for which you can attend 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 weekly classes for an affordable price. 


Contact the studio via phone, email, or instagram if you have any further questions!